Gallery pleasewait. is pleased to announce its premiere exhibition ‘Momentum’ of Amsterdam based artist Kees de Goede.


One overarching theme in De Goede’s work is the concept of containing, and in a way freezing, energy in time and space.


Previous works have been made using soot –the physical traces left behind by a flame– or by using paint to permanently trap shadows on an organically shaped canvas, this goes all the way back to his earliest pieces which were built around branches of wood or stalks of bamboo.

In his most recent body of work this contained energy is represented by the force needed to shatter security glass and the permanent marks this leaves.


The pieces in this show are a preview of this new, larger body of work, the inspiration of which comes from an earlier De Goede piece from his ongoing series of drawings on newspaper. This particular work, created in 2003, was drawn over the front cover of a Dutch newspaper. The cover story is accompanied by a photograph taken through the windshield of a shot up car, prominently displaying bullet holes in the glass.


De Goede will present previously unseen pieces consisting of large, round plates of glass mounted on aluminum. The surface of these pieces is shattered, displaying an array of cracks as seen in a windshield, highlighted in these pieces as dark stars against a coloured surface. The thick layer of security glass adds an additional depth to the colour of each piece.

In a way, the pieces become a window into a seemingly infinite space, displaying De Goede his quest for an equilibrium between intent and chance, between the unbridled energy contained in the works and the physical space they inhabit.


In an interview with Martine Michard the artist expressed that “…A work of art should always be generous; it must give you something and be as self-evident as rainfall or sunshine.”



Kees de Goede (1954)


De Goede emerged from Atelier ’63 (Haarlem) and P.S.1 (New York City), his subjects and materials coming from the world around him. The starting point for his initial drawings and paintings were the branches of wood or stalks of bamboo that directed his process of composition. In his art, De Goede does not aim to reproduce nature but rather to work in close alliance with it.

Since the early 80's, De Goede's working methodology expanded his sources of inspiration beyond the strictly natural. He began an exploration into drawing on newspaper which continues to this day.


Using what he comes across and what astonishes him, new images take form, synergising with the encountered materials or subjects. Pieces are characterised by a suggestion of movement and the infinite, especially in the cases where De Goede has constructed his frames from bamboo or branches, thereby freeing the work from the traditional plane of the canvas.


De Goede Lives and works between Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and his farm house in the South of France.


His work is part of numerous prominent public and private collections around the world.


In 2015 his work was the subject of a big overview exhibition titled Perpétuel at internationally renowned Museum de Pont in Tilburg. Throughout the years his work has been exhibited at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven, Kunsthalle Nürnberg, Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin and many others around the world.

In France De Goede presented his work at the XIe Biennale de Paris: Manifestation internationale des jeunes artistes at Musée d’Art Moderne, a solo exhibition titled Axioma at Centre d’art contemporain Georges Pompidou in Cajarc, at shows with Studio Bordas in Paris and participated in exhibitions in museums in Toulouse, Rouen and Lille and his work is part of the permanent collection of the Bibliothèque nationale de France.